Scientific Papers concerning Novae and Symbiotics

Updated on Feb 13, 2023  • 

Atlas of photometric and spectroscopic daily monitoring of the very slow Nova Cas 2021 (=V1405 Cas) during the first 660 days of its outburst P. Valisa, U. Munari, S. DallaPorta, A. Maitan, and A. Vagnozzi.
arXiv:2302.04656 - 9 February 2023

Persistent nuclear burning in Nova Sgr 2016 N.4 (= V5856 Sgr = ASASSN-16ma) six years past its outburst U. Munari, N. Masetti, F. M. Walter, R. E. Williams, F.-J. Hambsch, A. Frigo, and P. Valisa
Astronomy and Astrophysics - August 2022

Proton acceleration in thermonuclear nova explosions revealed by gamma rays MAGIC collaboration, V. A. Acciari, S. Ansoldi et al...U. Munari, P. Valisa
Nature Astronomy, Volume 6, p. 689-697 (2022)

The 2021 outburst of RS Oph. A pictorial atlas of the spectroscopic evolution: From day 19 to 102 (solar conjunction) U. Munari , P. Valisa
arXiv:2203.01378 - March 2022

The 2021 outburst of RS Oph. A pictorial atlas of the spectroscopic evolution: the first 18 days U. Munari , P. Valisa
arXiv:2109.01101 - September 2021

The GALAH Survey and Symbiotic Stars. I. Discovery and follow-up of 33 candidate accreting-only systems U. Munari , G. Traven, N. Masetti, P. Valisa, G.L. Righetti, F. J. Hambsch, A. Frigo, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 505(4) - June 2021

Photometry and spectroscopy of the new symbiotic star 2SXPS J173508.4-292958 U. Munari , P. Valisa, A. Vagnozzi , S. Dallaporta, F. J. Hambsch and A. Frigo
Contrib. Astron. Obs. Skalnat ́e Pleso 51, 1 – 15, (2021)

Regulation of accretion by its outflow in a symbiotic star: the 2016 outflow fast state of MWC 560 Adrian B. Lucy, J.L. Sokoloski, U. Munari,Nirupam Roy,N. Paul M. Kuin, Michael P. Rupen, Christian Knigge, M.J. Darnley, G.J.M. Luna, Péter Somogyi, P. Valisa, A. Milani, U. Sollecchia, and Jennifer H. S. Weston
MNRAS 492, 3, 3107-3127 (March 2020)

The 2018 eruption and long-term evolution of the new high-mass Herbig Ae/Be object Gaia-18azl = VES 263 U. Munari , V. Joshi, D.P.K. Banerjee, K. Čotar, S.Y. Shugarov, R. Jurdana-Šepić, R. Belligoli, A. Bergamini, M. Graziani, G.L. Righetti, A. Vagnozzi and P. Valisa
MNRAS 488, 4, 5536–5550 (October 2019)

V496 Scuti: Detection of CO Emission and Dust Shell in a Moderately Fast Fe II Nova Ashish Raj, N. M. Ashok, D. P. K. Banerjee, U. Munari, P. Valisa and S. Dallaporta
in Stella Novae: Past and Future Decades ASP Conference Series , Vol. 490 P. A. Woudt and V. A. R. M. Ribeiro, eds (October 2014). .

Multi-mode spectrographs for small telescopes: Design, operation, performances and results U. Munari, P. Valisa
Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso , vol. 43, no. 3, p. 174-182. (March 2014).

Study of three 2013 novae: V1830 Aql, V556 Ser and V809 Cep U. Munari; P. Ochner; S. Dallaporta ,P. Valisa; M. Graziani , G.L. Righetti, G. Cherini , F. Castellani , G. Cetrulo, A. Englaro Accepted 2014 Mar 16 for Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.


The narrow and moving HeII lines in nova KT Eri (Research Note) U. Munari; E. Mason; P. Valisa Accepted 2014 Mar 14 for Astronomy & Astrophysics (Research Note).


High and low resolution absolute spectrophotometry of the symbiotic nova VVV-NOV-003 = OGLE-2011-BLG-1444 U. Munari; P. Valisa; G. Cetrulo; R. Polesky Information Bullettin on Variable Stars, #6069 (Aug 2013)


Photometric evolution, orbital modulation and progenitor of Nova Mon 2012 U. Munari; S. Dallaporta; F. Castellani; P. Valisa; A. Frigo Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 435, Issue 1, p.771-781


Potassium detection and lithium depletion in comets C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) and C/1965 S1 (IKEYA-SEKI) Fulle, M.; Molaro, P.; Buzzi, L.; Valisa, P. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 771,L21 (June 2013)


Optical Morphology, Inclination and Expansion Velocity of the Ejected Shell of Nova Monoceros 2012 V.A.R.M. Ribeiro; Munari, U.; P. Valisa Astrophysical Journal, 768-1,49 (2013)


V496 Scuti: An Fe II nova with dust shell accompanied by CO emission Raj, Ashish; Ashok, N. M.; Banerjee, D. P. K.; Munari, U.; P. Valisa; Dallaporta, S. MNRS, Volume 425, Issue 4, pages 2576–2588, 1 October 2012


Formation of a disk structure in the symbiotic binary AX Per during its 2007-10 precursor-type activity A. Skopal, T. N. Tarasova, Z. Cariková, F. Castellani, G. Cherini, S. Dallaporta, A. Frigo, C. Marangoni, S. Moretti, U. Munari, G. L. Righetti, A. Siviero, S. Tomaselli, A. Vagnozzi, P. Valisa Astronomy and Astrophysics, 536, A27 (2011)


The 2010 nova outburst of the symbiotic Mira V407 Cyg U. Munari1, V. H. Joshi2, N. M. Ashok, D. P. K. Banerjee, P. Valisa, A. Milani , A. Siviero, S. Dallaporta, F. Castellani, 2011 January, MNRAS Letters, vol 410, L52-L56


The large amplitude outburst of the young star HBC 722 in NGC 7000/IC 5070, a new FU Orionis candidate E. H. Semkov , S. P. Peneva , U. Munari , A. Milani , and P. Valisa, 2010 November, Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters, vol 523, L3


An extensive optical study of V2491 Cyg (Nova Cyg 2008 N.2), from maximum brightness to return to quiescence Munari, U., Siviero A., Dallaporta, S., Cherini, G.,Valisa, P., Tomasella, L. 2011 April, New Astronomy, vol 16-3, pages 209-219


The Outburst of the Very Fast Nova Aql 2009 (V1722 Aql) Munari, U., Henden A., Valisa, P., Dallaporta, S., Righetti, G.L. 2010 August, PASP , 122, pages 898-904


The ongoing 2008-2009 outburst of CI Cyg Siviero, A., Munari, U., Dallaporta, S., Valisa, P., Luppi, V., Moretti, S., Tomaselli, S., Bacci, S., Ballardini, F., Cherini, G., Graziani, M., Frigo, A., Vagnozzi, A. 2009, MNRAS , 299, 4 pages 2139-45


The 2006-2008 outburst of AG Draconis Munari, U., Siviero, A., Ochner P., Wallerstein, G., Castellani, F., Righetti, G., Cherini, G., Valisa, P., Cetrulo, G. 2009 October, PASP, 201, pages 1070-1075


The nature and evolution of Nova Cygni 2006 Munari, U., Siviero, A., Henden, A., Cardarelli, G., Cherini, G., Dallaporta, S., Dalla Via, G., Frigo, A., Jurdana-Sepic, R., Moretti, S., Ochner, P., Tomaselli, S., Tomasoni, S., Valisa, P., Navasardyan, H., Valentini, M. 2008, A&A, 492, 145

Our observations on CBET/IAU Circulars

Updated on Aug 7, 2021  • 

Spectroscopic confirmation of NOVA CEPHEI 2014 = TCP J20542386+6017077 Munari U., Milani A., Valisa P. , Castellani F., Belligoli, R.
2013, CBET, 3825.

Spectroscopic confirmation of Nova Ser 2013 = PNV J18090346-1112345 Munari U., Valisa P.
2013, CBET, 3724.

New variable star in Pisces not a Nova Munari U., Valisa P. , Marinelli, M., Dallaporta S.
2011, CBET, 2617.

AX Persei (possible outburst) Munari U., Siviero, A., R.L.M. Corradi R.L.M., Valisa P., Cherini G., Castellani F., Dallaporta S.
2010, CBET, 2555.

New variable star in Cyg (inside NGC 7000) Munari U., Valisa, P., Dallaporta, S.
2010, CBET, 2428.

V407 Cyg (Symbiotic nova?) Munari U., Siviero, A., Valisa, P., Dallaporta, S.
2010, CBET, 2204.

AS338 (V1413 Aql) Munari U., Siviero, A., Dallaporta, S., Valisa, P.
2010, CBET, 2202.

Nova Aquilae 2009 (V1722 Aql) Munari U., Valisa, P. G. L. Righetti, S. Dallaporta, and G. Cherini
2009, IAUC, 9100.

Nova Aquilae 2009 Munari U., Valisa, P.
2009, CBET, 2076.

Nova Scuti 2009 (V496 Sct) Munari U., Siviero, A., Valisa, P., S. Dallaporta, L.Baldinelli
2009, CBET, 2034.

Nova Scuti 2009 (V496 Sct) Munari U., Siviero, A., Buzzi, L., Valisa, P.
2009, IAUC, 9093.

Nova Sgr 2009 #4 (V5584 Sgr) Munari, U., Saguner, P., Siviero, A., Valisa, P., Dallaporta, Maitan, A.
2009, CBET, 1999.

Nova Oph 2009 (V2672 Oph) Munari, U., Saguner, T., Ochner, P., Siviero, A., Maitan, A., Valisa, P., Dallaporta, S. and Moretti, S.
2009, CBET, 1912 e 2009, IAUC, 9064.

AX PERSEI Munari, U., Siviero, A., Dallaporta, S., Cherini, G., Valisa, P., Castellani, F., Frigo, A., Vagnozzi, A., Bacci, S., Righetti, G., Moretti, S., Tomaselli, S.
2009, CBET, 1757, 1M

CI CYGNI Munari, U., Siviero, A., Valisa, P., Ochner, P., Dallaporta, S., Vagnozzi, A., Moretti, S., Tomaselli, S.
2008, CBET, 1504, 1M

V2468 CYGNI (Nova Cyg 2008 n1) Munari, U., Siviero, A., Valisa, P., Dallaporta, S., Cherini, G., Ochner, P., Castellani, F., Buzzi, L., Brienza, M., Luppi, V.
2008, CBET, 1431, 1M

BF CYGNI Munari, U., Siviero, A., Dallaporta, S., Valisa, P., Buzzi, L., Dalla Via , G., Maitan, A., Baldinelli, L., Moretti, S., Tomaselli, S., Gualdoni, C., and Cherini, G.
2008, CBET, 1251, 1M

V459 VUL (Nova vul 2007 n2) Munari, U., Siviero, A., Valisa, P., Frigo, A., Dallaporta, S., Cherini, G. and Dalla Via G.
2007, CBET, 1183, 1M

AG DRACONIS Munari, U., Siviero, A., Castellani, F., Valisa, P., Cherini, G., Bano, I., Englaro, A., Cetrulo, G.
2007, CBET, 1091, 1M

V5558 Sgr (Nova Sgr 2007) Munari, U., Orio, M., Valentini, M., Page, K. L., Osborne, J. P., Dallaporta, S., Valisa, P., Dallavia, G., Stanzione, A.
2007, CBET, 1010, 1M

V919 Sgr Munari, U., Siviero, A., Navasardyan H., Castellani, F., Bortolotti M., Valisa, P., Luppi V.
2007, CBET, 999, 1M

V5558 Sgr (Nova Sgr 2007) Munari, U., Siviero, A., Dallaporta, S., Valisa, P.
2007, CBET, 965, 1M

V2467 Cygni (Nova Cyg 2007) Munari, U., Dalla Via, G., Valisa, P., Dallaporta, S., Castellani, F.
2007, CBET, 897, 1M

V1280 Scorpii (Nova Sco 2007 n1) Munari, U., Valisa, P., Dalla Via, G., Dallaporta, S.
2007, CBET, 852, 1M

V2362 Cyg (Nova Cyg 2006) Munari, U., Siviero, A., Navasardyan, H., Valisa, P., Dalla Via, G., Cardarelli, G., Cherini, G., Dallaporta, S., Moretti, S., Tomaselli, S., Ochner, P., Frigo, A., Tomasoni, S.
2006, CBET, 739, 1M

V2362 Cygni (Nova Cyg 2006) Siviero, A., Munari, U., Valentini, M., Valisa, P .
2006, IAUC, 8702, 2S

Our observations on ATEL Astronomers Telegrams

Updated on Feb 12, 2023  • 

Nova Cas 2021 (=V1405 Cas) is a neon nova U. Munari (INAF Padova), S. DallaPorta, P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration). 2022 (7 dic), ATEL, 15796.

Classification of AT 2022tqu U. Munari (INAF Padova), S. DallaPorta, P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration). 2022 (10 sept), ATEL, 15611.

Spectral changes as U Sco passes through maximum brightness U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa , S. DallaPorta (ANS Collaboration). 2022 (8 June), ATEL, 15423.

RS Oph emerges from solar conjunction showing great changes U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa and S. DallaPorta (ANS Collaboration). 2022 (19 jan), ATEL, 15196.

High ionization conditions finally emerge as Nova Cas 2021 (V 1405 Cas) ends the plateau and embraces a steady decline U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration), S. DallaPorta, A. Maitan. 2021 (8 Dic), ATEL, 15093.

[NeV] and coronal [FeX] emission appear in the spectra of RS Oph U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration), P. Ochner. 2021 (5 Sept), ATEL, 14895.

Swift observations and continued spectroscopy/photometry of nova V5856 Sgr trapped in persistent nuclear burning five years past the 2016 outburst U. Munari (INAF Padova), N. Masetti, F.M. Walter, R.E. Williams, P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration), S. Dallaporta. 2021 (30 Aug), ATEL, 14884.

The narrowing lines of RS Oph, its recombining flashed-wind, and the persistent outer neutral regions from Echelle spectral monitoring U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration). 2021 (13 Aug), ATEL, 14860.

Echelle spectroscopy of RS Oph at day +0.87 from optical discovery U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration) 2021 (9 Aug), ATEL, 14840.

Spectroscopy and photometry of nova V5856 Sgr, still 9 mag brighter than quiescence five years past the initial outburst U. Munari (INAF Padova), R. Williams, P.Valisa and S. Dallaporta (ANS Collaboration) 2021 (22 Jul), ATEL, 14804.

Spectroscopic classification of TCP J20210770+2914093 as a nova U. Munari (INAF Padova), A. Vagnozzi and P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration) 2021 (17 Jul), ATEL, 14793.

Spectroscopic classification of TCP J18573095+1653396 as a nova bordering naked-eye brightness U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa , S. Dallaporta (ANS Collaboration) 2021 (12 Jun), ATEL, 14704.

Large brightness increase of V1405 Cas (nova Cas 2021) to naked eye visibility U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa , S. Dallaporta (ANS Collaboration) 2021 (8 Maj), ATEL, 14614.

Spectroscopic classification and BVRI photometry of ASASSN 21eh as a classical nova U. Munari (INAF Padova), A. Vagnozzi, S. Dallaporta, P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration) 2021 (27 Mar), ATEL, 14488.

Echelle spectroscopy and BVRI photometry of the rapidly evolving PNV J23244760+6111140 U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa , S. Dallaporta (ANS Collaboration) 2021 (19 Mar), ATEL, 14476.

Rapid evolution of nova Per 2020 on the rise toward optical maximum U. Munari (INAF Padova), P. Ochner (Univ Padova), P.Valisa , S. Dallaporta (ANS Collaboration) 2020 (27 Nov), ATEL, 14230.

Optical and Swift Xray/UV observatorions of the 2020 flare of the symbiotic nova v1413 Aql U. Munari (INAF Padova), N. Masetti (INAF Bologna), S. Dallaporta, G.L. Righetti, P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration) 2020 (17 Nov), ATEL, 14187.

Photometry and spectroscopy of the FeII nova AT 2020lrv still rising in brightness U. Munari (INAF Padova), P. Ochner (Univ. Padova), A. Vagnozzi, S. Moretti, P.Valisa , A. Maitan , S. Dallaporta (ANS Collaboration) 2020 (15 Jun), ATEL, 13807.

The optical counterpart of the X-ray source 2SXPS J173508.4-292958 is a new, yellow-type symbiotic star U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa , S. Dallaporta, A. Vagnozzi, V. Andreoli, F. Castellani (ANS Collaboration) 2020 (24 Apr), ATEL, 13660.

Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the symbiotic star CM Aql in outburst U. Munari (INAF Padova), P. Ochner, S. Dallaporta, A. Maitan, P.Valisa (ANS Collaboration) 2020 (18 Apr), ATEL, 13647.

Spectroscopy and photometry of Nova Oph 2018 N.3 (=PNV J17422408-2053088), still on the rise toward maximum U. Munari (INAF Padova), P.Valisa , F.-J. Hambsch, A. Frigo (ANS Collaboration) 2018 (11 Aug), ATEL, 11940.

HBHa 1704-05: a bright and newly discovered symbiotic star, currently undergoing an "hot-type" outburst U. Munari (INAF Padova), S. Dallaporta, P.Valisa , R. Fidrich (HAA/VSS), P. Berardi, O. Garde, C. Buil (ARAS Group) 2018 (11 Aug), ATEL, 11937.

Toward a new bright state of the symbiotic nova AS 338 after those of 1983, 1995 and 2010 ? U. Munari (INAF Padova), S. Dallaporta, G. L. Righetti, P.Valisa 2017 (21 Dic), ATEL, 11079.

Photometry and spectroscopy of declining Nova ASASSN-17hx, now passing at t_2 U. Munari (INAF Padova), G. Traven (Univ. Ljubljana), F.J.Hambsch, F. Castellani, A. Frigo, A.Milani, P.Valisa , P. Ochner (Univ. Padova) 2017 (15 Aug), ATEL, 10641.

AG Dra is going into outburst again, of the hot type and the third in the present series U.Munari, G.L. Righetti, P.Valisa, L.Buzzi 2017 (18 May), ATEL, 10390.

The 26th anniversary outburst of jet-driving symbiotic binary MWC 560: results from Chandra, Swift, and optical spectroscopy Adrian B. Lucy, J. L. Sokoloski, U. Munari, N. P. M. Kuin, M. J. Darnley, G.J. M. Luna, C. Knigge, P. Valisa, A. Milani (ANS) 2016 (17 Mar), ATEL, 8832.

Spectroscopy of HD 3191, X-ray source and possible counterpart of Fermi J0035+6131 U. Munari, P. Valisa 2016 (8 Mar), ATEL, 8789.

An ongoing, record-breaking outburst of the unique symbiotic binary MWC 560 = V694 Mon U. Munari, G.L. Righetti, S. Dallaporta, S. Moretti, M. Graziani, P. Valisa 2016 (8 Feb), ATEL, 8653.

The symbiotic star TX CVn has entered an active state U. Munari, F. Castellani, P. Valisa , S. Dallaporta, G. Cherini, A. Vagnozzi, G.L. Righetti, R. Belligoli. 2014 (14 Jan), ATEL, 5761.

The ejecta of Nova Del 2013 have turned optically thin U. Munari, S. Dallaporta, G. Cherini, G. L. Righetti, P. Valisa, A. Milani 2013 (31 Oct), ATEL, 5533.

After a post-maximum plateau Nova Del 2013 has begun a normal decline U. Munari, S. Dallaporta, G. Cherini, P. Valisa , G. Cetrulo, A. Milani, L. Ghirotto 2013 (20 Aug), ATEL, 5304.

Spectroscopy of the very fast Nova Del 2013, already declining past maximum brightness U. Munari, P. Valisa, A. Milani , G. Cetrulo, 2013 (18 Aug), ATEL, 5297.

The symbiotic star YY Her is in outburst U. Munari, S. Dallaporta, F. Castellani, R. Belligoli, G. Cherini, G. L. Righetti, M. Graziani, P. Valisa, A. Milani 2013 (20 Apr), ATEL, 4996.

Is Nova Cep 2013 currently forming dust ? U. Munari, S. Dallaporta, G. Cherini, F. Castellani, G. Cetrulo, P. Valisa M. Graziani 2013 (17 Mar), ATEL, 4893.

Spectroscopy and photometry of the symbiotic star V4018 Sgr in outburst U. Munari, P. Valisa , S. Dallaporta, E. O. Waagen, A. Henden 2012 (21 Sept), ATEL, 4403.

High resolution spectroscopy and BVRI photometry of Fermi J0639+0548 = Nova Mon 2012 U. Munari, S. Dallaporta, P. Valisa 2012 (21 Aug), ATEL, 4320.

The prototype symbiotic star AX is in outburst U. Munari, P. Ochner, S. Dallaporta, A. Milani, P. Valisa, A. Siviero 2012 (18 Jul), ATEL, 4265.

Detection of Jets from Hen 3_1341 U. Munari, P. Valisa, S. Dallaporta, A. Siviero 2012 (1 Mar), ATEL, 3952.

Outburst of symbiotic star Hen 3_1341 U. Munari, A. Milani , A. Siviero, S. Dallaporta, G. L. Righetti, P. Valisa, A. Frigo, E. Tamajo, P. Ochner
2012 (1 Mar), ATEL, 3946.

CI Cygni: the eclipse of the hot component, which is in strong outburst, is entering the phase of totality U. Munari, (INAF Padova-Asiago, Italy), P. Valisa, A. Milani, G. Cherini, F. Castellani, S. Dallaporta, A. Siviero, A. Frigo (ANS Collaboration)
2010 (09 October), ATEL, 2913.

Spectroscopic confirmation of HBC 722 as a new FU Orionis star in NGC 7000 U. Munari, (INAF Padova-Asiago, Italy), A. Milani, P. Valisa (ANS Collaboration, Italy), E. Semkov (Institute of Astronomy, Sofia, Bulgaria)
2010 (24 August), ATEL, 2808.

CI Cyg (rebrightening to second maximum) U. Munari, A. Siviero (INAF Padova-Asiago), G. Cherini, S. Dallaporta, P. Valisa (ANS Collaboration)
2010 (12 July), ATEL, 2732.

V407 Cyg (discovery of coronal lines) Munari U., Siviero, A., Valisa, P.
2010 (11 Apr), ATEL, 2546.

Papers we contributed only with some spectra

Updated on Dec 31, 2014  • 

Photometry and spectroscopy of FeII nova ASASSN-17hx,finally passing through maximum U. Munari (INAF Padova), F.-J. Hambsch, A. Frigo, F. Castellani (ANS Collaboration),G. La Mura (Univ. Padova), G. Traven (Univ. Ljubljana), M. Ozbey Arabaci, T. Saguner (Ataturk Univ.) 2017 (13 Jul), ATEL, 10572.

The hybrid, coronal lines nova V5588 Sgr (2011 N.2) and its six repeating secondary maxima U. Munari, A. Henden, D.P.K. Banerjee, N.M. Ashok, G.L. Righetti, S. Dallaporta, G. Cetrulo
MNRAS, accepted 22 nov 2014 .

BF CYG during its current outburst A. Siviero, E. Tamajo , J. Lutz, G. Wallerstein and ANS Collaboration
Baltic Astronomy, vol. 21, 188–192, 2012 .

A spectroscopic survey of faint, high-Galactic-latitude red clump stars. I. The high resolution sample M. Valentini and U. Munari
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 522, A79, Nov 2010 .

Properties, evolution and morpho-kinematical modelling of the very fast nova V2672 Oph (2009), a clone of U Sco U. Munari , V. A. R. M. Ribeiro , M. F. Bode and T. Saguner
2010, MNRAS, 410-1 pag 525-534 Jan 2011. .

The Morphology of the Expanding Ejecta of V2491 Cygni (2008 N.2) Ribeiro, V.A.R.M., Darnley, R.J., Bode M.F., Munari, U., Harman, D. J., Steele, I.A., Meaburn, J.
2010, MNRAS, In press Nov 2010 .

Optical evolution of Nova Ophiuchi 2007 = V2615 Oph Munari, U., Henden, A., Valentini, M., Siviero, A., Dallaporta, S., Ochner, P. and Tomasoni, S.
2008, MNRAS, 387, 344M .