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The spectrum of Nova V4743 in Sagittarius
This nova has been discovered on 20th September 2002 by Katsumi Haseda, Aichi, Japan, (IAU Circular 7975)when it shined at 5th mag.
The nova position is (equ 2000.0): RA = 19h01m09.38s - DEC = -22░00'05.9".
Early spectroscopic investigations (21 september) showed strong Ha and Fe II lines thus classifying this nova as a Fe II type.
The spectra reported below were recorded at the Campo dei Fiori observatory on October the 1st when the star has already shaded to 8th magnitude.
The nova has already passed the phase of expanding photosphere and I believe this spectrum is from fluorescence of the expanding shell that become transparent due to the high ions content generated by the high UV emission of the central star.

Picture 1: Spectra of the nova V4743 Sgr recorded on 1.8 TU October 2002 with 2 min exposure and 0.6 m Cassegrain reflector (P. Valisa and Luca Buzzi).
Larger spectrum has been recorded at a dispersion of 2,6 ┼/pixel while the detailed view of Ha region was recorded with 0.45 ┼/pixel dispersion. In this case it is shown also the reference Neon spectrum recorded together with Ha in order to assess its exact position. The arrow indicates the correct position of Ha. Calculated Doppler shift from band broadening is 1300 Km/sec on the red size and 1000 Km/sec on the blue size.
Iron bands are shown also widely broadened.

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Introduction - V838 Mon - V2363 Cyg

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