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Calibration Lamp
Since now (feb 2006) we used a small neon lamp for wavelength calibration. This lamp has a lot of red lines but only weak ones in the green part of spectrum and thus it is not well suited for low resolution spectroscopy because the red part saturates while the blue and green lines are still weak and noisy.
To improve our calibration procedure we obtained a lamp filled with a mixture 50% Argon and 50% Neon and tested it. We found that the lines are mainly due to neutral Argon while Ne lines remain very weak. Argon lines are more equally spaced that Ne lines and very strong lines that gives saturation starts only at 6965 ┼. Moreover a good number of lines populates also the blue part of spectrum.

Picture 1: Low resolution spectrum of our Ar(Ne) calibration lamp.

Picture 2: High resolution spectrum of Ar(Ne) lamp.

Picture 3: High resolution spectrum of Ar(Ne) lamp.

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